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  • All contestants will receive e-diplomas.

  • Teachers will receive teachers' e-diploma.

  • In each category, candidates who receive 90+ points will become the Gold Prize Winner, 85-89 points will become the Silver Prize Winner, 80-84 points will become the Bronze Prize Winner. 77-79 points will receive an Honorable Mention. There can be more than one Gold/Silver/Bronze Prize Winner.

  • Gold/Silver/Bronze Prize Winners' Teachers will receive an excellent teachers award e-diploma.

  • A special award - Franz Schubert IMC Grand Prize will be awarded to the candidate who got the highest points among all candidates in the current season. He or she with receive a Grand Prize Special Trophy.

  • Grand Prize Winner's photo and biography will be featured in the news-press on the World Online Music Competitions Federation website. 

  • The Gold Prize Winners in each category will also receive personal winners' digital posters. These posters will also be published on the Winners Page of the website.

  • World Music Lifetime Achievement Award:  Gold Prize contributes to the records of the World Online Music Competitions Federation - Lifetime achievement.

  • We offer special acknowledgment of the Top 10 videos, posted on our website.

  • There will be Special Prizes - Best Musicianship, Best Technique, etc. These special prizes are appointed by the judge's recommendation.

  • All prize winners can request and order paper certificates and medals at an additional cost, after the publication of the results.

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